Congratulations for choosing Leyla Mosaics. These tiles will provide you with many years of service and enjoyment so long as the information below is followed:

Please report any visible physical defects to the manufacturer prior to installing. Failure to do this will be recognised as acceptance of the product and all claims will be dismissed. 

Installation of Leyla Mosaics should be carried out according to:

Australian Standard AS3958.1 A guide to the installation of ceramic tiles 2007

Australian Standard AS3958.2 A guide to the selection of ceramic tiling systems 1992

Australian Standard AS4992 Ceramic Tiles – Grouts and adhesives 2006

Non-adherence to these standards may lead to a failure in the tiling system.

Always use a licensed and qualified installer that has experience in pool tile installation.

Ensure the pool has had sufficient time for concrete shrinkage prior to installation of tiles as outlined in Australian Standards.

The manufacturer does not recommend the use of sand and cement mix (CG1) for grouting. Epoxy (RG) class grout is recommended for superior durability. Refer to Australian Standards.

The installer should follow the adhesive/grout manufacturer’s guidelines regarding their product’s suitability and application processes. Consideration as to the effects on the performance of the tiling system of weather conditions, temperature, humidity and substrate should also be made.

The installer should ensure that all joints between tiles are free of excess adhesive, spacers and debris prior to the application of grout. Grout should be applied to a level no lower than the bottom of the cushion edge of the tile faces. Care should be taken in the grouting process to ensure the grout joints are not raked out when cleaning off the excess grout from the tiled surface.

Leyla Mosaics must be stored flat on a firm, dry and level surface. Never stack more than seven boxes high. Keep Leyla Mosaics clear of dusty environments and away from chemical contamination.

Ensure water balance of the pool is checked every week as poorly balanced water will damage the grout and adhesive.

Ensure chemicals and treatments added to the pool water are dispersed randomly to avoid damage to the tiles, grout and adhesive.