Beauty and Sophistication

Leyla Mosaic’s beauty and sophistication are more than skin deep. 

We have made Leyla Mosaic with your family’s safety in mind. Each mosaic has smooth, softly rounded edges to prevent those nasty cuts and scratches swimmers can get from some other mosaic pool tiles. Whichever colour you choose from our extensive range, you can be confident your Leyla Mosaic will stand the test of time – all thanks to our innovative Silicon System. 

Leyla Mosaic’s Silcon System is the result of three years research and development and extensive analysis of failures of swimming pool tiling systems using the traditional paper face, clear film face, mesh backing and dot mounting systems.

Our system gives the installer the ability to adhere at least 95% of the back of each mosaic to the surface to be tiled. Australian standards require a minimum of 90% coverage for swimming pools. No other non-paper/film faced fixing system offers as much adhesive coverage as Leyla Mosaic – giving you piece of mind.  

The innovation doesn’t stop there! We’ve made each Leyla mosaic 5.5mm thick.* Other mosaics can be as thin as 3mm. Submerged in a demanding swimming pool environment, this extra thickness provides a deeper space for more grout to be applied. Some manufacturers place dot mounts between each mosaic – thus occupying this precious space. In some instances this limits the application of grout to a depth of no more than 1.5mm. It’s only a matter of time that the grout deteriorates leaving the unsightly dot mounts exposed. The old fashioned paper/film face fixing system allows maximum adhesive coverage, however has several shortcomings. Firstly, when using the paper faced system the installer is unable to see the finished surface being laid and therefore can’t adjust the individual mosaic tiles while tiling. Secondly, excess adhesive can squeeze out from underneath the tiles when installed, filling the joints between the mosaics. These joints then need to be raked out prior to grouting. This can be done only once the adhesive has cured and the paper or film sheets are removed. This is an extremely time consuming task yet vital for a durable tiling system.

Our Silicon System overcomes all these problems. Paper or film is not used on the face of Leyla Mosaic – nor any spacing dots in between the mosaics – a small cord of Polyurethane is attached to the underside of each mosaic. This system provides for easier installation and a stronger, more durable tiling system, giving you and your family years of swimming pleasure. 

* Nominally